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He was formerly a tenured associate professor at Northern Arizona University and prior to that Dean of Education at Oglala Lakota College on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

I believe it is time to think indigenous even at the price of rejection.

Although he was indifferent to my Indian background, Mom usually tried to hide hers with make-up.

When I was six, she came to my first-grade classroom without it on to bring me the Roy Rogers lunch box.[2] She rushed into the class, set it down and quickly left. This event delayed my questions about my “Indian” identity and started my long distance running career.

This is the position of a group of educators involved with an ongoing 10-year project called “IONS Worldview Exploration Project.” An article by its researchers describes its proposed curriculum in the peer-reviewed journal published by The John Hopkins University School of Education, New Horizons for Learning Journal: Worldviews profoundly impact individual and shared goals and desires, shaping perceptions, motivations and values both consciously and unconsciously.

This includes giving support to sovereignty while exposing settler hegemony.

He tried to talk me out of it, and when we parted he told me, “The only problem in the world is the inability for each person to express their full, positive physical, mental, social and spiritual potential.” Such goals have never left my mind.

Years after my discharge from the Marines, the idea that IW might help people with the RAF pilot’s declaration when I was nearly killed in a kayaking accident on the remote Rio Urique in Mexico.

With this in mind, I share here some experiences that have “authorized” my perspective in this paper. She was an artistic woman whose father committed suicide when she was young.

His father, we suspect, may have escaped from the Trail of Tears and wound up in Joplin, Missouri. He was a craftsman who died of alcoholism early in his life.

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