Australia Japan Relations Essay 2011

Japan argues that this cultural bias is based on Western societies norms and political prejudice against whaling.

The projection of the Western world's anti-whaling beliefs onto traditional whaling nations is seen to infringe on the rights of those nations. Australian Industrial Relations is dominated by three representatives. What the Australian industrial relations commission aims to achive is a fair platform for both employers and employees alike. However unions have declined in popularityt especially with growing reforms in industrial relations. With changes and reforms unions should still be able to play an important role in the industrial relations. After Japan had been defeated and the European powers weakened, many Asian and Pacific nations wanted independence. The reason it changed Australian attitudes was because the people who did university with these students saw that they were people too and many became good friends with them. The importance of trade relations was a major stepping-stone in changing the Australian policies and attitudes to Asia.

ANZUS joined the nations of Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America in a defence security pact for the Pacific region.

It chiefly resulted from the fear of communism by Western nations.

Australia's Relations with Japan and other Pro-Whaling Nations. The question whether or not to whale is an issue with many factors.

Commercial whaling is the focus of a debate between pro-whaling nations such as Japan and Norway and anti-whaling nations like Australia, United States and the UK.

However, from Australia’s point of view at the time, ANZUS also offered protection against a potential threat from Japan.

Australia was concerned that Japan would try to conquer the Pacific region again after suffering defeat in the Second World War. M (2001: 28) sates that shortly after the end of World War Two, Australia wanted the Japanese government turned into a democracy.

It assured Australia protection against Japan and provided security in the Asia-Pacific region.

Japan along with many nations have a long history and tradition of whaling and it is part of their culture.

Anti-whaling countries such as Australia, the UK and the United States are accused of cultural ignorance in their ongoing opposition to commercial whaling.

Since the signing of the 1951 peace treaty between Australia and Japan, the two countries have rapidly built a productive relationship.

Many factors and events have contributed to the development of this partnership.

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