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Sous la plume de Kate Chopin, les deux se conjuguent pour caractériser les personnages et les relations interpersonnelles dans l’intrigue.« The Storm » (1898), qui fait suite à « At the ‘Cadian Ball » (1892), conforte les interprétations tirées de l’analyse des marqueurs phonostylistiques de la première nouvelle et met en lumière la stratégie narrative de l’auteur.Given the situation, consider which character elicits your sympathy or empathy the most and explain why.Write an essay in which you attempt to convince your reader that the character you have chosen is the most deserving of his or her understanding and empathy.

Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #2: The Metaphor of the Storm The symbolic meanings of the storm are clear, but what is less clear is to whom those meanings should be applied.Explain whether you belief it to facilitate the reader’s engagement and understanding of events, or, on the contrary, whether you believe it to be distracting and unnecessary.Consider whether it is important that the reader know where this particular story is set, or whether it could just as likely have happened in any other town or city.Aside from the thesis statements above, these quotes alone can act as essay questions or study questions as they are all relevant to the text in an important way. Look at the bottom of the page to identify which edition of the text by Kate Chopin they are referring to.“Calixta…was greatly occupied and did not notice the approaching storm." (90).“It began to grow dark, and suddenly realizing the situation she got up hurriedly and went about closing windows and doors." (90)“My! It’s good two years sence it rain’ like that." (91)“The growl of the thunder was distant and passing away.The rain beat softly upon the shingles, inviting them to drowsiness and sleep.Write an essay in which you determine who is most effected by the storm—Bobinot and Calixta, or Alcee and Clarisse.Also, consider what positive effects the storm had.But they dared not yield." (93)“The rain was over; and the sun was turning the glistening green world into a palace of gems." (93)“Bobinot and Bibi, trudging home, stopped without at the cistern to make themselves presentable." (93)“Then, prepared for the worst—the meeting with an over-scrupulous housewife, they entered cautiously at the back door." (94)“Bobinot’s explanations and apologies which he had been composing all along the way, died on his lips as Calixta felt him to see if he were dry, and seemed to express nothing but satisfaction at their safe return." (94)“He told her not to hurry back…. He was getting on nicely; and though he missed them, he was willing to bear the separation a while longer—realizing that their health and pleasure were the first things to be considered." (94)“And the first free breath since her marriage seemed to restore the pleasant liberty of her maiden days…. Do you, as the reader, believe that Clarisse will return to her married life as it was?Consider, also, why the narrator waited to introduce Clarisse in the last paragraph of the story.

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