Asthma Case Study Nursing

This case presents a patient with poorly controlled asthma that remains refractory to treatment despite use of standard-of-care therapeutic options.

For patients such as this, one needs to embark on an extensive work-up to confirm the diagnosis, assess for comorbidities, and finally, to consider different therapeutic options. T is a 40-year-old recreational athlete with a medical history significant for asthma, for which he has been using an albuterol rescue inhaler approximately 3 times per week for the past year.

The professional considers the provision of asthma self-management in the context of a structured review, with a focus on a self-management discussion which elicits the patient’s goals and preferences.

The organisation has a crucial role in promoting, enabling and providing resources to support professionals to provide self-management.

The nursing management, pharmacological agents and the tools used will be critically As Jane was presenting with a symptom of a life threatening event it was important that treatment was immediate.

The recent unfortunate experience which triggered this consultation offers a rare opportunity to engage with her and discuss how she can manage her asthma better.

It behoves the clinician whom she is seeing (regardless of whether this is in a dedicated asthma clinic or an appointment in a routine general practice surgery) to grasp the opportunity and discuss self-management and provide her with a (written) personalised asthma action plan (PAAP).

A 35-year-old sales representative attends the practice for an asthma review.

Her medical record notes that she has had asthma since childhood, and although for many months of the year her asthma is well controlled (when she often reduces or stops her inhaled steroids), she experiences one or two exacerbations a year requiring oral steroids.

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