Assistant Fashion Buyer Cover Letter

I am would like to apply for your role, as I feel that I possess the precise combination of relevant education, certifications and work experience that you are looking for in a candidate.I come to you as an ambitious and hardworking individual who is excited by the challenges this role will give me in being a core member of your Buying team. A) for your consideration, hoping that my past experience within the industry will adequately demonstrate my talents & capabilities as a buyer and how I may become an added, long or short term asset to the company. A) will illustrate my professionalism and dedication to the job.If you love to shop, are updated with the latest fashion trends and are always the most stylish persons, then maybe it is the right time that you put your style sense in better use.You will have to customize every cover letter that you send out, not only in the content but address it to the hiring manager.

At work I am primarily responsible for helping the Chief Buyer to maintain awareness of all fashion and market trends and also reviewing new potential suppliers.

I am aware that my skills, achievements and experience will make me the right person for the position, plus I have been a shopper since ages at your store.

Thank you for giving your time and you can contact me anytime for more information and skills that I can bring at your company.

Furthermore, I am confident in my ability to have a direct impact on the success and profitability of your company.

For the last three years I have been employed as an ………..

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