Assignment On Globalization

The anti-globalization movement has expanded all over the world and comprises a heterogeneous group of non-governmental organizations, student groups, political organizations and civil rights activists.The movement fights for various issues such as global justice, fair trade, debt relief, and sustainable development. See estimate based on the average age composition of the 10 largest immigration countries; based on data provided by the United Nations Statistics Division.Unfortunately, about 2 billion people live in countries that do not benefit from globalization, mainly in parts of sub-Saharan Africa, Western Asia and the former Soviet Union.

The past two decades have seen a dramatic increase in the trafficking of girls and young women, who are often lured into prostitution.

In 2003, 48 per cent of the world’s population lived in urban areas, and it is projected that over 50 per cent will do so by 2007.

Every day thousands of young people illegally try to pursue a life of fortune in a rich country, often motivated by unrealistic information and high expectations.

They are the best educated generation on new information technologies; they benefit from economic growth; many travel around the world for work, studies, exchange projects and vacation; and telephone and the Internet enable them to stay in touch with friends and relatives abroad.

On the other hand, many youth, especially in developing countries, have been left out of the digitalization and modernization process and lack the economic power to benefit from the opportunities globalization offers.

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