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It’s the director who has a problem with the producer with regard to the ownership of copyright or between say, the director and a scriptwriter.But there may be other people who can claim a right to the movie, too.It is to be noted that in case the assignee fails to exercise the rights assigned to him within one year of the date of the assignment, then such an assignment will be deemed to have lapsed unless there is some provision to the contrary in the agreement; 5.If the period of assignment is not clearly mentioned, then it will be for 5 years; 6.The owner of the copyright in an existing work can assign his work to any person the copyright either partly or wholly either for the entire term of the copyright or part of the term.Section 18(1) of the Copyright Act also states that any prospective owner of a future work can assign his copyright.In exceptional circumstances, an application may be considered, but it should be noted that most applications for Assignment of Copyright away from the Crown are rejected.

Copyright Assignments allow the easy transfer of the copyrighted works. Copyright Office isn't strictly necessary, however, though it is a good way to ensure everything flows smoothly with the assignment of the copyright.In the case of copyright works produced by civil servants, the copyright is owned by the Crown.Copyright can also come into Crown ownership by means of assignment, or transfer, of the copyright from the legal owner of the copyright to the Crown. See Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section "Transfer of Copyright," for a discussion of ownership. There are no forms provided by the Copyright Office to effect a copyright transfer. Like any other property, all or part of the rights in a work may be transferred by the owner to another.This new piece of legislation has come as quite a relief to the authors as it strengthens their position in the new modes of exploitation of their work come into existence.Section 19 of the Act clearly lays down the requirements to assign a copyright. The agreement will not be valid if it is not in written and signed by the assignor; 2.Nevertheless, it is not always as easy as it seems to be on the face of it.There are many questions and loop hole that arise at the time of the assignment and especially after it, a lot of questions involving the moral rights and the future rights and the like.At the end, you receive it in Word and PDF formats for free. Copyright is usually owned by the person or organisation that created the work.

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