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Burlington County has been a national leader in addressing the needs of affordable housing.It does work,” he said.“One of the best parts of being a judge is it’s one of the few opportunities where you have the opportunity to do the right thing."And he honestly cared about the people of Burlington County."Bookbinder never imagined becoming a judge growing up in tiny Beverly, although members of his family were judges and attorneys, among them his uncle, Sidney Bookbinder, who was one of the county’s most well-known and respected attorneys. I have tremendous love and respect for Burlington County," Bookbinder said.“It’s great to work in a place where you know the people and know the geography.

Of course, the biggest challenge has involved the county itself, which has continued to grow and evolve.“As a long-time resident of Passaic County, I believe whole-heartedly that one could not ask for a better group of judges and staff to serve the people who live and work in our cities and towns.I am grateful to be able to work with them to advance the cause of justice.”Judge Caposela earned his law degree at the Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville.During his close to three decades on the bench in Burlington County Judge Ronald Bookbinder has held every judicial position and overseen all manner of cases, including criminal, family, probate and general equity.And during his more than 10 years as assignment judge, he’s guided the vicinage through a number of challenging issues, such as the implementation of criminal justice reform and the judicial takeover of affordable housing compliance to reforms in how the court reviews and monitors guardianship cases and issues.And while Bookbinder has spent the last decade as Burlington County’s Superior Court assignment judge — the top judicial post in the county vicinage — those who happen upon him without his gavel and robe might easily mistake him as someone’s outgoing neighbor, uncle or teacher.Bookbinder, who is required to step down as the county’s assignment judge because he has turned 70 — New Jersey’s mandatory retirement age for state judges — acknowledged that his manner on and off the bench may seem atypical of a respected jurist. Just him being true to his roots and his deep love and loyalty to Burlington County and its people.“I would say, having lived here all my life, continuing to see the friends you grow up with, it keeps you grounded,” Bookbinder said during an interview before his retirement. He was confirmed in less than a month’s time and was later reappointed by Gov.Like many judges forced into retirement by the state constitution, he has been approved by New Jersey’s chief justice to continue serving on the bench as a recall judge, assigned temporarily to help ease heavy caseloads and mentor younger peers.He will remain in Burlington County, but will report to new Assignment Judge Jeanne T.Judge Ronald Bookbinder doesn’t come across as your typical jurist, let alone a legend of Burlington County’s justice system.His courtroom demeanor is typically enthusiastic and friendly, rarely stern or forbidding.

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