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To teach science as portrayed by the THE VISION OF SCIENCE EDUCATION DESCRIBED BY THE STANDARDS REQUIRES CHANGES THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SYSTEM.The educational system must act to sustain effective teaching.They must work within a framework that encourages their efforts.The changes required in the educational system to support quality science teaching are major ones., effective teachers of science create an environment in which they and students work together as active learners.While students are engaged in learning about the natural world and the scientific principles needed to understand it, teachers are working with their colleagues to expand their knowledge about science teaching.

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The diversity of today's student population and the commitment to science education for all requires a firm belief that all students can learn science.However, to attain the vision of science education described in the , change is needed in the entire system.Teachers are central to education, but they must not be placed in the position of being solely responsible for reform.[See Professional Development Standard A] THE ACTIONS OF TEACHERS ARE DEEPLY INFLUENCED BY THEIR PERCEPTIONS OF SCIENCE AS AN ENTERPRISE AND AS A SUBJECT TO BE TAUGHT AND LEARNED.All teachers of science have implicit and explicit beliefs about science, learning, and teaching.Teachers can be effective guides for students learning science only if they have the opportunity to examine their own beliefs, as well as to develop an understanding of the tenets on which the STUDENT UNDERSTANDING IS ACTIVELY CONSTRUCTED THROUGH INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIAL PROCESSES.In the same way that scientists develop their knowledge and understanding as they seek answers to questions about the natural world, students develop an understanding of the natural world when they are actively engaged in scientific inquiry—alone and with others.This team member will set the bar others want to follow in generating content.Reviews all news releases, monitors police and fire scanners, and checks social media and other local news sources for story ideas Discovers content using online and social media resources as news researching tools Makes beat calls to maintain relationships with local agencies like police departments, courts, etc.The ideal candidate has great people skills, knowledge of northern California and expert knowledge of digital and social media.ABC10 is not just a TV station, we are media company showcasing real, relevant content and delivering that content to our consumers where they are and wherever that might be.

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