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In many cases, possibly dependent on the market, assignment editors use police scanners, listening to traffic between 911 dispatchers and police officers in the field.Whatever the case, it is the assignment editor's job to determine what news tips and news releases are the most newsworthy, and then decide which reporter to assign a story to.Must be able to identify follow-up stories, build sources, quickly access research information and direct crews in a high-pressure environment.Complete knowledge of the New York Metropolitan Area is essential.Assists reporters with researching, developing and setting up their stories.Assists writers, producers and web staff with gathering information and updating stories.Must be able to work under pressure in a sometimes stressful work environment.Must be capable of interacting positively and productively with other employees.

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An assignment editor often fields calls from the public, who give news tips, or information about a possible story or event to be covered.

Familiarity with local government, municipalities and jurisdictions is essential.

Ability to effectively monitor local law enforcement agencies for breaking news is imperative.

Sometimes, these calls may: Other times, the news tip may come in the form of a news release, which may either promote an event, meeting, etc.; or alert editors and reporters about an upcoming news conference.

Sometimes, assignment editors must sift through hundreds of news releases each day.

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