Asian Gothic Essays On Literature Film And Anime

Philosophical theories of the Buddha, meditation, and nirvana. Topics include commercial growth, the urban tradition, feudal-bureaucratic rule, philosophical and religious thought, education, gender and sexuality, and peasant rebellions. Leupp 125 Gender and Sexuality in Japanese History.

Aspects of Buddhist social and institutional history. A study of Shinto and Japanese Buddhism and their roles in Japanese society and culture, with attention to recent developments, including nationalistic Shinto and the new religions of Japan. Prehistoric times to the eve of the Meiji Restoration. From the eve of the Meiji Restoration to the twentieth century. Discussion of ancient matriarchy, marriage customs, the status of women in ancient courtly and medieval military society, female samurai, childhood, initiation rites, monastic and samurai homosexuality, male and female prostitution, ruling-class "deployment" of sexuality, and the appeal of androgyny in theater and other arts. Musical systems, musical instruments, music in its historical, social, and cultural context.

Freud, Girard, Karatani, Nietzsche, Damrosch, and others, provide theoretical insights. JPN 170 The �Orient� in the Mind of the West Two centuries of the role of Asia in the Western mind.

How literature travels the globe, breaking national boundaries.

The writers to be examined may include, besides Murakami, Kurt Vonnegut, Raymond Chandler, Raymond Carver, F.

Edward' Said's "Orientalism" and its subsequent critiques.

The "Orient" vis a vis the West in global power relations.

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