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Describe and evaluate two definitions of abnormality.In your answer you must refer to how Dr Padawi might explain definitions of abnormality to the volunteers.Work can be downloaded instantly after payment or within 2 business days following essay submission.We are a UK web site located near the University of Manchester.(24 marks) (d) Discuss two ways in which prejudice and/or discrimination might be reduced.

(12 marks) (g) Evaluate the theory related to the maintenance of relationships that you described in part (f) (12 marks) (h) Discuss cultural and sub-cultural differences in relationships, with reference to ‘understudied’ relationships.

hopefully remembering them will help if one of them comes out in the exam there is the questions for both unit one and unit two [these are now for the old spec exams as I did my alevels 2 years ago when it was still split between AS and A2, however the content is still the same and still relevant] I’ve also put my A2 level essays and all my other psychology notes on a blog - way!!

I just felt that since I took ages on them I might aswell share them with people so they can be used and help people if you don't believe me check the answers and look at the text books and mark schemes and you'll see the answers should be correct i have outlined the possible 6 - 12 mark questions that could come out in the AS AQA psychology A exam and, using the mark scheme, the text book, and notes i have come up with ideal answers.

If you've been anywhere near student Twitter this morning, you've probably seen A level students reacting to their third Psychology exam.

And as well as comments about how tf you work out the median, many are complaining about the three 16 mark questions."When I turned the page and saw another 16 marker," one person wrote alongside a crying selfie, while another added, "I didn’t get to finish any of the 16 markers."A third added, "Turning to the next section to see another 16 marker after chatting sh** in the first 2 #aqapsychology."Here are the best A Level AQA Psychology memes: This isn't the first time AQA Psychology have included three 16 mark questions.

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