As Level Psychology Essay Questions

(12 marks) (b) Evaluate the theory of attribution that you described in part (a) in terms of research evidence.

(12 marks) (c) Discuss the nature of social representations in social perception.

The phonological loop holds verbal information in a speech based format and contains the articulatory control which acts as an ‘inner voice’ and circulates information and the phonological store which acts as an ‘inner ear’ as it holds spoken words for a few seconds.

Evidence for this store includes Baddley’s test where people remembered short words best as it took them less than 1.5 seconds to say the word.

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(24 marks) (i) Critically consider one social psychological theory of aggression.

(24 marks) (j) Describe two research studies related to bystander behaviour.

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(24 marks) (d) Discuss two ways in which prejudice and/or discrimination might be reduced.

(24 marks) (e) Discuss research studies related to interpersonal attraction.

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