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You will be assessed by a visiting examiner on the performance.You can contribute as actor, designer or director and you produce a portfolio to accompany the practical work, providing evidence of how you analysed, interpreted and evaluated the performance.It covers your knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre, the two set plays, and your analysis and evaluation of the work of live theatre makers.In Component 2 (‘Creating Original Drama’) you are assessed on the process of creating devised drama and its performance and in Component 3 you undertake a practical exploration and interpretation of three extracts, each taken from a different play.A grade 7 or better in English GCSEs is a good foundation for A level Drama and Theatre: you will have studied drama texts from a literary perspective and have developed essay writing skills.Opportunities for theatre and costume design in the practical component of the course might well be a real plus is you have done well in Art at GCSE.A Drama GCSE gives a starting point but is not necessary.An interest in live theatre is however a vital requirement: you need to feel happy about the prospect of spending evenings during the course of year 12 and 13 on regular theatre trips.

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Practical work accounts for 60% of A level Drama and Theatre, so this might not be the right A level subject for you if you are mostly interested in reading plays rather than performing in them.A level Drama and Theatre (which used to be known as 'Theatre Studies') assesses your engagement with play texts and your practical skills as an actor, designer or director.You are expected to become committed to the experience of live theatre.Through practical and theoretical study, learners develop an understanding and enjoyment of drama, developing group and individual skills and studying ways to communicate ideas and feelings to an audience.They learn how to discover the performance possibilities of a text and other stimuli, and devise dramatic material of their own.The third extract will be assessed by a visiting examiner.Components two and three account for 30% each of the total award.If you are aiming at drama school A level Drama and Theatre is incredibly useful, and it is good preparation for Drama at university, and for Creative Writing courses.Learners considering joint courses in English and Drama should certainly consider studying both these subjects at A level.For more information visit the Drama and Theatre pages of the AQA website.A level Drama and Theatre requires skills in two different areas: practical and theoretical.

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