As I Lay Dying Addie Bundren Essay

Further, Addie admits that she wants to be buried in Jefferson because she wants to spend eternity as far away from the Bundrens as possible.Throughout the expedition, Darl—the son whom most people refer to as “queer” because of his alleged telepathic ability—is the only Bundren who questions the family’s motives.Although the family seems to work together in its struggle to get Addie to Jefferson, each family member works to fulfill his or her own desires.For instance, the Bundrens could have spent the evening at a neighbor’s home instead of dragging Addie’s coffin through the river.Through the Bundrens’ expedition, Faulkner discusses such themes as family, death, individual and society, religion, and suffering.As I Lay Dying is a complex story that causes the reader to question the characters’ motives in their actions and interpretations of events.

For example, he substitutes a coffin symbol in place of the actual word and uses a blank space when one of his characters is unable to express her thoughts.While Addie Bundren lies dying, her son Cash builds a coffin outside of her window.He insists on finishing the coffin because he values his carpentry work more than spending time with his ailing mother.Throughout the novel, the Bundrens exhibit their dysfunctional relationships with one another as each family member offers his or her own perspective on the other characters and their actions.In As I Lay Dying, Faulkner demonstrates how a group of people can band together in times of adversity and tragedy yet can criticize and even abandon each other in pursuit of their own selfish exploits—all in the name of “family.” From the beginning of the novel, members of the Bundren family display their complex relationships with one another.When Addie dies, her husband, Anse, insists upon the family traveling to Jefferson to bury his wife, at any cost.He maintains that she must be buried in Jefferson because that had been Addie’s only request.Most of all, it is a story that explores the complexities of human nature.Hana Rae Dudek Family in As I Lay Dying William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying centers on the Bundrens—a poor southern family that embarks on a journey to the town of Jefferson to bury the dead wife and mother.Throughout their journey, the Bundrens face multiple obstacles.For example, Vardaman, who does not fully comprehend his mother’s death, drills into Addie’s face while trying to create air holes in the coffin so that the corpse can “breathe.” Also, when the family discovers that a bridge has collapsed, they ford a river, dragging Addie’s coffin under water.

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