Arts Culinary Essay

It will give you the skills you need to advance your career and put you on the path to learning about the food industry.Here are five reasons to become a culinary arts professional: Culinary arts training can give you the skills you need to help safely prepare food and present it in a prompt time and visually pleasing way.The jobs available for being trained in Culinary Arts are cook, chef, and food preparation.There are many duties and responsibilities one must fill in this profession.Credits for internships of any kind are not transferable.In addition, the total course credit accepted on transfer cannot exceed 25% of the individual’s program.Please email [email protected] ask your admissions representative to make an appointment for you with our Financial Aid team. Our admissions staff can answer your individual questions and reserve you a seat for our next open house. We wrote the book on culinary careers, literally, and have a limited amount of free copies for prospective students.

At the beginning of time, humans ate whatever was available to them.

The Institute will award transfer credit only for courses that are determined to be equivalent in rigor and content to courses in the programs offered by ICE.

Prospective and current students should note that ICE considers its curriculum to be unique among culinary arts institutions, with the result that this standard can be difficult to satisfy.

Such students must submit the following: (1) a transfer credit application; (2) an official transcript from the granting institution indicating the number of credit or clock hours awarded, the final grade, and a course syllabus describing the topics of instruction; and (3) any additional supporting documentation that may be requested in connection with the evaluation.

As a threshold matter, credit earned for courses completed at another institution must satisfy the following, minimum requirements to be eligible for transfer: The application for transfer credit will be evaluated by the Vice President of Education and the decision is final.

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