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The worries about AI range from economic to social to existential.Headlines abound, claiming that automation of jobs will result in mass unemployment, that algorithms exacerbate the worst human biases, and that a Terminator-style AI may turn on its creators and destroy all human life.AI can adapt to the learning pace of the individual and can constantly offer tasks with increasing complexity to accelerate learning.This can bring both the fast and slow paced learners to the same level of learning.It is harsh to disappoint a user in an entertaining field: As the introduction of AI and Machine learning is grabbing the interest of many people (Google Duplex and Face App are best examples of that).

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Students can move forward if they are ready and get help if they are behind.

Automated essay scoring (AES) or automated grading is a method of using machine generated programs to allot grades to essay written in a educational system.

It is a procedure of applying natural language processing and educational assessment .

AI technology has numerous applications in education space, it is changing the way we learn.

It has made education accessible to the students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to make it to the class.

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