Arthur J. Schmitt Dissertation

Place, University of Washington, Seattle(2000) Rebecca Rogers, University of Albany, State University of New York(1999) Emily E.

Wallace) Aikat, Jay (2010) “An Investigation of the Effects of Modeling Application Workloads and Path Characteristics on Network Performance” (Kevin Jeffay) Airey, John M.(1972) “Toward A Programming Language for Writing and Checking Mathematical Discourses” (Donald F.Stanat) Ahn, Ilsoo (1986) “Performance Modeling and Access Methods for Temporal Database Management Systems” (Richard T.Applicants are encouraged to contact the Student Outstanding Research Award Committee Chair for information.Please check the criteria described below before requesting award information.(2002) “Multiscale Evaluation of 3D Shape Perception in Computer Graphics” (Christina Burbeck) Brown, Shawn (2015) “Case Studies on Optimizing Algorithms for GPU Architectures” (Jack Snoeyink) Brownlee, Jr., Edward H.(1975) “Lossiness in Tessellation Automata” (Stephen F.(1990) “Increasing Update Rates in the Building Walkthrough System with Automatic Model-Space Subdivision and Potentially Visible Set Calculations” (Frederick P. (1995) “Proving First-Order Equality Theorems with Hyper-Linking” (David A. (1999) “Automatically Reducing and Bounding Geometric Complexity by Using Images” (Anselmo A.Lastra) Allen, Bonnie Danette (2007) “Hardware Design Optimization for Human Motion Tracking Systems” (Greg Welch) Amburn, Elton P.All forms of research, including conceptual papers, are welcomed.A version of the winning paper is published in the. Individuals who indicate that they are interested in applying for the award on the "Call for Proposal" form will be sent an e-mail reminder notice after conference proposal notices are completed.

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