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This paper aims to describe a multi-modal, humanities-based set of workshops designed to improve nursing students’ critical thinking skills, perspective taking, and appreciation of the humanities.

This workshop expands the Visual Thinking Strategies curriculum to a multi-modal, arts-based program.

The greatest thing to protect your mind is being critism for anything you read, learn, discussed, or gained. Look at around and listen carefull what people talking about. You may be right.” Practice saying in your own mind, “I may be wrong. I’m willing to change my mind when given good reasons.” Then look for opportunities to make changes in your thinking.

American Educational Psychologist, Author and President of Foundation for Critical Thinking, Linda Elder and her partner, Director of Research and Professional Developmet at the Center for Critical Thinking leaked ways how to be critical thinking. Make sure that what you are going to say is reasonable and has a tight related for the issues. Ask yourself, “When was the last time I changed my mind because someone gave me better reasons for his (her) views than I had for mine? become defensive during a discussion After you catch yourself being close-minded, analyze what was going on in your mind by completing these statements: a.

After playing with that idea for the past week, I keep coming back to the “Critical thinking” is one of those phrases that gets used often, but that seems to defy definition.

Educators struggle to find ways to teach critical thinking; companies want employees who can think critically; and pundits bemoan the lack of critical thinking in the public sphere.

Perhaps the reason we cannot get enough of the critical thinking we desire is that we keep looking for a step-by-step science of thinking – a prescribed set of actions regularly taken by critical thinkers – when, in fact, critical thinking may be the ultimate If we approach critical thinking as an art, its more subtle elements emerge.

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But more importantly, critical thinking requires practice: every one of us must continually hone and shape this art in order to make sense of our personal lives, our work lives and our community lives in a time that seems confusing and uncertain.

In the maelstrom of New Year’s media activity, the pervasive hand wringing about the past year and angst about the future seem unavoidable.

At a recent holiday gathering, a family member suggested that as an antidote, we might each try to think of a word or two – a mantra of sorts – that might guide each of us in the coming year.

Twenty-two nursing students participated in four, three-hour arts-based workshops. Following completion of the course, participants reported an appreciation for the multi-modal arts-based program and recognized ways in which it might influence their performance on the job.

The curriculum was perceived as beneficial by nursing students, with themes of metacognition and awareness/appreciation of others being particularly salient.

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