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Boudin became Monet's unofficial teacher for several years as well as his mentor. Monet moved in Paris in 1859 where he met Camille Pissarro and Gustave Courbet. Impressionism emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Impressionism Impressionism began in the 19 century where it became popular in the 1870s and into the early 1880s. "Blue Water-lilies" is one of Monet's later pictures. Monet worked on one subject matter for a long period of time, working on many different canvases at once.

In 1861 to 1862 Monet performed his military service in Algeria with the Chasseurs d'Afrique (Shackelford). He became friends with artist Monet and worked closely with him during the 1860's. Despite this, Monet still struggled with rejection from the public and the conservative Salon ("Monet," Encarta). This too was a complete failure ("Monet," Encarta). Changing the History of the Arts/Modern Elements of Impressionism Impressionist painters were considered radical in their time because they broke many of the rules of picture making set by earlier generations.

He then met Eugene Boudin in 1857 when he was sixteen.

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Monet was one of the most outstanding figures in the impressionism movement.

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