Arranged Marriage Essay Paper

So, what marriage is better — arranged or love marriage?

The best marriage is the marriage where love and benefit are united.

Love Marriage My essay on love marriage and arranged marriage will describe these types of marriages. The feelings between a man and a woman, who show an interest to each other, can create a real mutual love, even when the interest takes the disguised form of some benefit.

Interested in each other people are potentially able to create their marriage for love.

The entry into marital union can combine the desire of people to have children or a fear of being alone.

But such marriages usually happen in a mature age, when people consciously take this step, looking for the best candidate.

It requires commitments, arrangements, rights and rules – two people who enter into marriage will get it and follow.

And it is better to agree in advance, for understanding what do you want from this relationship and what will be demanded from you.

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It concentrates on a particular person, tying together the inner essence of two people.

Therefore, sooner or later the ideal relations are replaced by real.

Courtships transform in smoother and more relaxed relationships.

The confusion of the real with the ideal never goes unpunished".

Indeed, love is a perfect sense by which our choice seems to us the best person– the kindest, most beautiful, most intelligent, the noblest man on earth.

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