Army Essay

This allows someone to put forth his or her best effort since the Army is a team and each member contributes to the greater goal.Respecting your fellow soldier means protecting him in all situations, covering his backside when required and clearing the path in order for him to complete the mission.The feeling of remorse that is bestowed upon a soldier during the playing of the Taps is derived from nothing other than respect for each other.Although in the army most occasions end with sad events, most feel a sense of respect for the fallen soldier who pays the ultimate sacrifice for the country.It includes land based operatives who carry out field and combat operations and air based operatives through its air force branch.The unit conducts regular training to recruit new personnel to help build and sustain its capacity base.It helps in the exchange of useful information from one person or unit to another.

This would empower them with responsibilities and show them that they are equally important to the team.

Disrespect is observed when the seniors in the Army (such as the NCOs) fail to do what they were tasked to do and force other (subordinate) officers to micromanage tasks.

This is where seniors loose the trust of the subordinates.

The best way to maintain relationships and respect in the Army is to focus on your task and maintain communication in all situations.

This way there would be mutual respect and friendships that last for a lifetime would be fostered.

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