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It’s a statement of confidence as almost if to say, where others failed, we will succeed. The Company Leader and Lopez on Leadership are teaming up to bring you 14 Video Interviews with Colonels and 14 Articles from Captains and Majors, all covering 14 Branches. The Engineer Regiment has wartime and peacetime missions that appealed to me.

I wanted a diverse mission set that required me to be physically fit and mentally sharp. I wanted to ruck up for miles and lie in the mud with my infantry siblings, but I also wanted to play with explosives and heavy equipment on a regular basis.

While there may be some truth to the French connection, the origins are also attributed to Colonel Jonathan Williams and a member of his staff, Alexander Macomb.Between 18, he designed and constructed Castle Williams to defend New York Harbor.The gateway to that castle-style fortification bore an eagle over the center. The logo is typically a white castle with three towers set on a red background.The medieval castle as a logo was started in 1840 on an informal basis. In 1902, the Corps Castle was formally adopted by the Army as the insignia of the Corps of Engineers.# Argumentative Essay is always difficult :(( Only not for us! I wanted to be an Engineer because I wanted to succeed where others hadn’t yet. They have forced me to continue to grow as well as maintain my physical and mental edge.I’ve served alongside some brilliant, passionate and tough-as-woodpecker-lips Sappers and worked with professional engineers who rival the Wright Brothers in their problem solving, ingenuity and fashion sense. Everything that you will do as a leader is about your Soldiers.Praise for a job well done belongs to the Soldiers and the inevitable butt-chewing, when fecal matter hits the rotating oscillator, belongs to you.His was that of the Corps of Engineers with embroidered cuffs and the Essayons button..." The Marine Corps adapted the Corps Castle for the insignia of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Combat Engineer Battalions.When the 18th Naval Construction Battalion was re-designated 3rd Battalion 18th Marines they also adapted the Corps Castle.

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