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I’ve added some comments to this essay too, to help you identify key sections of the paper and to highlight areas of importance. A topic—you cannot very well write an essay without a topic.

Here are 50 Argumentative Essay Topics That Will Put Up a Good Fight. If you need a little help finding sources or just getting started, take a look at How to Write a Research Paper: A Step-by-Step Guide.

The quote perfectly sums up the never-ending debate about freedom of speech and hate speech.

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We need to hear other people’s views as well as offering them our own opinions.Those who assume hate speech is not a freedom of speech, primarily, focus on the expression of a negative attitude towards certain people and ideas.However, if we start banning people from expressing their beliefs, then what comes next?What our society needs today are not limitations of free speech, but making efforts to establish dialogues between people with conflicting beliefs.Listening and being heard will go a long way; that way we could build bridges instead of burning them.Remember when you were a kid and each time you went to the store with your mom you asked her for a new toy?When she answered “no,” I’m sure you asked, “why not? Keep reading for a breakdown of two argumentative essay examples to find out!I’ve evaluated two essays below to help you identify the four key components.This essay is a good example of a basic argumentative essay.After one thing, there always comes another and, eventually, the mankind would live in fear of saying anything.The reality is that the society has become oversensitive; everything one does not agree with is considered insulting and branded as hate.

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  1. But as you read through the sample, the most reasonable activity is to start compiling at least a schematic outline of your own essay and then fill it with specific content. But not all the topics allow dissecting thesis into separate points, so just be careful to make a thesis debatable – that is, the one that can be proven and supported with evidence.