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In fact, some may have joined the priesthood to escape it.Most priests were taught three models of female sexuality: the pure and holy virgin, the chaste mother who only engages in sex for the sake of conceiving a child, or the wanton woman who is in need of repentance and the directive to "sin no more." These men were never expected to imagine what a women's real life was like, what kinds of complexity she faces in her decision-making and what capacity she has to make judgments about her own sexuality.In all of these cases, none of these women are able to receive contraceptives, reproductive health care befitting their dignity and their needs. We have a church that sponsors so many excellent services for the marginalized, a social justice tradition that promotes care of the poor and sustainability for the Earth and a pope who has won the world's affection with his radical message of love for the destitute, the sick and the refugee, and, yet, this same institutional church staunchly enforces a teaching that only exacerbates the plight of those who already suffer disproportionately.Some have argued that the hierarchy's ongoing fight against contraception is a sign of how little they understand modern family life.Realizing long ago that it had lost its authority over the faithful regarding contraception use, the bishops changed their strategy, investing their energy in promoting laws and policies that force individuals, Catholic or not, to obey their doctrine on conception.And they have been remarkably successful in their campaigns worldwide. status to create coalitions with conservative Christian organizations and hardline Islamic governments to derail consensus on actions on family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention.On this anniversary of , let us not forget what a luxury it is to have the freedom to disregard the church's teaching and to have the resources to access contraception.

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But in perhaps one of the more curious displays of Catholic exceptionalism, Catholic institutions and organizations around the world are presenting Masses, symposiums, documentary films and other kinds of jamborees to fete the 50 years that have passed since the publication of , it often seems, can be categorized in two extremes: the natural family planning fanatics who extol the document as prophetic and courageous; and the vast majority of lay Catholics who have rejected the teaching, finding it so unreasonable that it isn't worth another thought.

There are many repercussions from the hierarchy's refusal to listen to women and to involve women in decision-making and the development of doctrine, but the ban on contraception may be the most tragic one of all, since it has caused and continues to cause immeasurable suffering.

Tweet this It is little wonder that the hierarchy compulsively acts as if they have been charged as guardians of women's purity; the ongoing exultation of the ban on contraception positions the church as a bastion of "old-fashioned values." Some who argue against contraception claim it has enabled men to use women for their own sexual gratification and therefore hurts women physically, emotionally and spiritually.

But priests and bishops cannot possibly be so isolated from human experience that they do not understand the necessity of using birth control to maintain a manageable family size.

There is something bizarre and unseemly about a group of celibate men who have such a preoccupation with controlling women's fertility.

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