Are Canada'S Immigration And Refugee Laws Fair Essay Are Sports Stars Paid Too Much Essay

Globalisation increases the gap between the rich and the poor.

Others argue that the problems are due in large part to the actions of developed states such as unethical foreign policy and arms trade.

A main consequence of the refugee situation which has aggravated a crises is the resultant clashes between ethnic groups amongst refugees example Afghan and Kurdish refugees.

In April 2001, an Iraqi Kurd was stabbed and left to die when he was involved in a fight with other Kurds.

The result of the refugee crises is that many countries particularly wealthy western societies seek to deter asylum seekers and migrants. Similarly, Rachael Reilly conceded that “European Countries, as well as North America and Australia have systematically diluted their responsibilities towards refugees over the past ten to fifteen years”.

Many also argue that the rights of refugees are being compromised and encroached upon due to factors, some of which include “offshore-processing” of refugees- a process in which foreign governments geographically closer to States with refugee crises take in those fleeing to Great Britain in exchange for financial compensation; imposition of visa requirements; refusal of entry of asylum seekers in cases of generalizes civil conflict such as Columbia; the transfer of the responsibility for protection of refugees onto poorer States in Europe where less protection can be afforded.

Recent examples include the Kosovan refugees who were forced from their homes by the conflict with the Balkans; Columbian refugees on exile due to drug syndicates; genocide in Rwanda; Afghan, Iraq and Iran refugees fleeing regimes etcetera.

In January 2001, gangs of Romanians were detained for tampering with railway signals to stop trains so that they and other asylum seekers could climb aboard the trains.Relief efforts were made such provisions for camps etcetera.Lack of co-ordination and coherence caused by excessive numbers of refugees in Macedonia and Albania led to desperate overcrowding, unpleasant conditions, threats of diseases, and threats for the welfare of the refugees.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.The renowned Sangatte camp was commandeered by the French Government to deal with the increasing number of Kosovan refugees arriving at Calais.Before the Sangatte camp was opened, refugees were sleeping on beaches, parks and on the streets.Refugee crises have increasingly become a problem in today’s modern day society.There are several reasons that have contributed to this situation namely global inequalities, people fleeing persecution and regimes, people fleeing from violence and outbreak of wars.International aid efforts by individual countries and International voluntary organizations have been at the forefront in attempting to provide assistance.These efforts have sometimes been compromised and conditions for refugees have been seen to deteriorate as resources available sometimes exceed demand.

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