Are Appendix Pages Numbered In Thesis

Embedding figures in drafts only leads to problems. M., 1878, The 2V of uniaxial and isotropic minerals: American Mineralogist, v. Appendices should be cited in the text as APPENDIX A, APPENDIX B etc., and labeled as such in first order headings.Figures and tables should be cited using the capitalized word, for example “Figure 1″ and “Table 1″. Tables have short titles and are placed above tables. Captions should be single-spaced, left-justified with no indents or hanging indents. The usual text, caption, figure, table, and citation guidelines apply.The thesis must be complete in all respects, including all preface pages, text, figures, tables, references, and appendices, all in the proper format specified here.Paper, Typing, Margins: The thesis must be typed on a word processor, and the final printout must be done on a laser printer on good-quality plain white 11″ by 8.5″ printer.The abstract should succinctly state the nature of the thesis project, the reasons for conducting the work, the results of the research, and your conclusions.

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If there is only one appendix, it should be labeled APPENDIX A.Steinmetz Symposium: Your thesis should be presented as an oral paper at the annual Union College Steinmetz Symposium, which is usually held in early May.Final Thesis Submission: You should make one copy for the Geology Department.Your senior thesis is the final product of months of hard work.It is important that the thesis be printed in a standard, professional way so that it will give a good impression to future generations of faculty, students, and current and future alumni and departmental reviewers.The final copy should be single sided, double spaced, with 1.5″ margins on the left side of the paper and 1″ margins on all other sides.The type used in all text, tables, and captions should be Cambria, Arial or Times New Roman font and size 12.All text, including captions and references, should be left justified.First lines of paragraphs should be indented about 0.3 inches, and blank lines should not separate paragraphs.Figures, tables, and appendices should be numbered in the same sequence they are referred to in the text.Most word processors have automatic functions for numbering pages, but do it last after insertion of figure and tables, to avoid the headaches of repaginating every draft.

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