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The field of archaeology is a fascinating career for both amateurs and professionals.A career in archaeology is very exciting, which offers travel, study, and the chance to discover the past. Jobs should include travel, diversity, involvement, an Classical Studies (OFC304C) Skills Practice Task Short Answers 1) The sources for ancient history are divided into four categories.In there you'll also find a Women in Archaeology section.

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Let's face it--one of the toughest jobs of the student is to find a research paper topic, especially if your professor has assigned you a term paper with an open-ended subject. People generally think of archaeology as simply a set of methods: "Have trowel, will travel" is the theme song for many an archaeological field worker.Then the Biographies in Archaeology should be the starting place for you.There are nearly 500 biographical sketches listed in the Biographies pocket so far.Somebody should benefit from my particular brand of lunacy!The History of Humanity includes information on archaeological studies beginning with the very first stone tools of our human ancestors in the Stone Age of 2.5 million years ago, ends with medieval societies about 1500 AD and includes everything in between.Here you'll find information on our human ancestors (2.5 million-20,000 years ago), as well as hunter-gatherers (20,000-12,000 years ago), first farming societies (12,000-5,000 years ago), early civilizations (3000-1500 BC), ancient empires (1500-0 BC), developing states (AD 0-1000) and the medieval period (1000-1500 AD).Don't miss my collection of Ancient Civilizations, which brings together resources and ideas on Egypt, Greece, Persia, the Near East, the Incan and Aztec Empires, the Khmer, Indus and Islamic Civilizations, the Roman Empire, the Vikings and the Moche and the Minoans and others too many to mention.I recommend that you can get a taste of what science has learned about when and how we domesticated cattle, cats and camels, or chickpeas, chiles and chenopodium, can be found linked from the Tables of Animal Domestication and Plant Domestication, and the scientific literature I used to write those articles can serve as starting points for a possible paper. The World Atlas of Archaeology is a great place to kick off your investigations: it is an atlas of archaeological sites and cultures in the world sorted by modern geographic continent and political country boundaries.Interested in writing a biography of a famous archaeologist?Batalimo-Maluba is an archaeological site where many items were produced, such as stone tools, but it is most noted for its pottery. The Batalimo-Maluba Horizon is located in Central Africa.Batalimo is located in the extreme south of the Central African Republic near the Lobaye/Ubangi confluence, some 500 km east of Obobogo.

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