Arab Israeli Conflict Essay

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An uneasy peace was maintained for 18 years punctuated by violence terrorism and a war with Egypt in 1956, caled the Sinai Campaign, until 1967.

That year after the Straits of Tiran was closed to Israeli shipping and Egyptian troops massed on Israel's borders, Israel launched a preemptive strike that began the Six-Day War.

With the rise in power of the Nazis in Germany Jewish immigration to Palestine increased, the Arabs of Palestine objected and began a revolt against British control.

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Trans-Jordan (the West Bank and East Jerusalem including on the Old City) annexed the Arab areas of Palestine and the Gaza Strip was annexed by Egypt.Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.In 1917 the British issued the Balfour declaration, in which they supported the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.It called for reaching a final accord within seven years. After the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Rabin, a series of bombing in Jerusalem convinced many Israelis that peace was unlikely and they voted in Israeli opposition leader Prime Minister Netanyahu. At that meeting Barak offered to give up almost all of the West Bank That conference broke down over two central points- The Right of Return of Palestinian refugees to their pre 1948 homes, something which Israel has claimed would ultimately result in the creation of two Palestinian states and the question of who would control the mount.To Jews the mount represents the location of the First and Second Temples.Israel quickly captured all of the Sinai from Egypt.During that war Jordan despite Israel's request that it stays out, began attacking Western Jerusalem.The League of Nations confirmed a British Mandate on Palestine, after World War I, based on the British pledge to establish a Jewish homeland.In 1920 the first riots took place in Palestine in Jaffa against Jewish immigration.Israel responded by capturing the Old City of Jerusalem and all of the West Bank.Israel went on to capture the Golan Heights from Syria.

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