Aqa English Gcse Coursework Marking Scheme U Of Chicago Application Essay

I know my two creative writing pieces are both at 8/10 and they are 15% of my overall grade but I don't know any of my other marks!

What kind of grades were you getting for speaking and listening?

But 'remarks' is what most people call them, and that's what we'll call them here. For colleges, universities and employers, they are the main measure of your academic achievement.

4 Compare the ways in which language is used for effect in the two texts. (16 marks) Similarly both source 1 and source 3 use rhetorical questions to grip there readers attention, for different purposes.

I would appreciated if I get feedback thanks and a rough mark out of 16 for my rough answer!

Now you need to refer to Source 3, In Search of Olives and either Source 1 or Source 2.

Whereas source 1 has used an emotive phrase: “climate change” this is used to gain an emotional response from the readers, as they are the main audience to this article as the “climate” has an effect on everyone therefore the readers will have a concern and will feel the stress climbing through as they acknowledge how badly they are damaging the world , they feel a sense of regret and guilt for putting the planet through so many life changing processes that will damage everything.

That’s because, as explained further on, the process doesn’t involve remarking exam papers from scratch.

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