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Now, consider your examples and look for ideas that go together. A position such as, 'All of these expanded the power of the federal government in different ways,' sounds like you don't know enough details to compare them, so instead, consider something like, 'The Great Society most expanded federal power because of its permanent expansion of the government's economic role in social welfare.' You have a clear focus, which you can explain, defend, and contrast.If necessary, eliminate one or two points in order to keep your response focused. And even better, you've fully answered part A of the question.Next, jot down at least three very specific examples for both of them, again keeping in mind that you will need to compare the two later.To quickly identify an answer to part C, look for a flaw in one of the examples or the event with weaker support.Although you don't need to write a thesis statement, technically, you don't even need a complete paragraph.

You might say, 'Tammany Hall, represented symbolically as a tiger, is an example of a political machine, one of the most controversial organizations of the late 19th century.

First, quickly answer all parts of the question in your test booklet.

The simple answer for part A is the rise of political machines.

But you also need historical examples to support this.

You might jot down a few ideas in your booklet to help you gather your thoughts before writing a topic sentence.

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