Apartment Complex Business Plan

The applicant held a neighborhood meeting March 4, which resulted in several changes to the plan: the building footprint was reduced to 16,100 square feet from 16,643 square feet; the length of the building was reduced by 11 feet, resulting in an increased setback of 36.4 feet to the south; and two parking spaces were removed to provide a greater setback to the south and more overall green space while still meeting the parking requirement.

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Although the applicant consulted with the board of the Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association, a full neighborhood meeting was not held.

A planning commission meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. A city spokeswoman said the two were away at a conference for the day.

Calls seeking more details from Bacall Development were not immediately returned.

“Being in the heart of the city, the lot sizes in Fulton Heights are pretty small.

The neighbors adjacent to the proposed structure will have a complete loss of privacy in a very close vicinity to their homes.”The planning commission brought up a conflict between the master plan and the Michigan Street Corridor Plan, the latter of which has the goal of concentrating high-density, mixed-use projects along Michigan Street and the Monroe North Business District, with the intent of capitalizing on transit investments, providing more housing units and adding vitality to business areas.

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