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Yet, now it is often used in other sciences as well, mainly in the social ones.American Psychological Association Style was developed in an attempt to establish a set of rules, which would determine the usage of the requisite elements for each academic paper in order to uniform the written material.Using APA paper formatting guide makes it much easier to communicate one’s thoughts in a clear and consistent manner.It also allows readers to understand the writing, as well as find the information they are interested in, much easier.Competent Word Choice The appropriate word choice is crucial for professional academic and scientific writing.Therefore, a researcher should be very selective towards the words, especially the terms that he or she is using in one’s work.The main requirement of this format is to keep the structure simple, the sentences brief and the language clear, in order to make the material comprehensible.

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It is needless to say that any academic writing should be clear and straightforward.

Such standardization provides readers an easier navigation in the researchers’ works, a better understanding of their structure, and their connections with other scientific papers.

Obviously, there were numerous changes to the APA style, which were represented in several editions of the manual.

In effect, following a particular formatting style is not about the way the paper looks, but rather the way how author’s thoughts are enounced.

As a matter of fact, the strict rules presented in APA writing manual are designed to help a researcher express his or her ideas in the most effective way.

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