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Check out this post for the best AP Psychology review books. Identifying these cues will allow you to ensure you are addressing every part of the question at hand. Bucket the course: What we mean is you should outline the AP Psychology course during your review sessions.

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From example if the question asks you to define and explain, 4 terms, you would have a sentence defining the term and a sentence or two explaining the term. Don’t make the mistake of assuming what the rest of a question is asking, writing an entire response, and then realizing you’ve failed to answer the question.

If you’re looking for online AP Psychology prep, Albert is your go to place. Underline important clauses: It is easy to overlook a small but important part of an FRQ question. Underline or circle important phrases in the prompt. Identify the verbs: Look for these cues to as mental reminders of what to include in your response.

Combining Albert with old school review books is a great option too. Verbs that are frequently on the test include; describe, explain, compare, contrast, evaluate, apply, identify, etc.

Then, ramp up your studying sessions with fifteen a night; before long, you can answer twenty a night. On the FRQ section, answer EVERYTHING, even if you think you don’t know it, try to answer it. It works very well and always receive great feedback from students, accordingly. That becomes their “ticket in” to test corrections. I ask the students to pick four of the terms (different terms for each note card), and place one term in each corner of the note card.

Remember, every 100 questions you practice is the equivalent of having taken one full AP Psychology multiple choice section. Create flashcards for problem areas: When you are reviewing the practice questions you’ve completed each night, take out five to ten flashcards and create cards for any term or concept that seemed foreign to you. It is better that you try and answer it than leave it blank. Layering the learning generates easier encoding from which to recall. That way the students have done some extra study to help clarify the material and are not simply guessing on the questions. After learning the definition, the student has to connect the main term on the card to each of the other four terms and mentally explain in FRQ format how the other four terms relate to the main term on the card. Create personal examples for each of the key terms, concepts or theories.

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