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Some would argue that, throughout history, the press has reported inaccurate information and has gotten away with doing so because the public trusted it too much.

However, according to Compton, the mainstream media knows that it has an obligation to report the unbiased truth, and should be believed. As a reporter, I care whether every American who has to cast a vote [or] pay taxes …

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Over 300 publications around the country In order for the media to play its role as a watchdog, it relies on public trust; the people must believe the press in order to take action based upon its reporting.

Although most media outlets commit to objectivity, members of the party in power still have the perception that the press is trying to bring down their party’s administration.

Regaining Americans’ trust Restoring faith in the press will be essential for the future of the country.

While the current situation is difficult, it is not impossible to recover from.

“It will take a long time of the mainstream press doing what it does best, look[ing] for the facts…[and] explain[ing] them with clarity and honesty, and Americans will come to recognize where the reliable information is coming from,” Compton said.

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