Ap English Literature Released Essays

On there are a multitude of helpful study resources including 15 Must Know Rhetorical Terms For AP English Literature, AP English Literature; 5 Essential Reads, and practice free-response essays for various works.

If you’d like to follow a specific route the One Month AP English Literature Study Guide is helpful and comprehensive.

Consider the following question as you read, “What is the meaning of this sentence, paragraph, stanza, or chapter?A reasonable goal to strive for, would be earning 7’s on your essays.This would allow you to earn a 5 for your overall score by answering 40 MCQs correctly.There will be one poem, one passage from prose fiction (or drama), and one work that you choose from a given category.Each fictional work will be accompanied by a question that you must answer in your essay.You will miss underlying themes and subtext which are important for answering the AP English Literature practice questions.Always read at a normal pace in practice and during your exam.And, in expository prose, you’ll find authors such as Gloria Anzaldua, George Orwell, or Edward Said.Managing your time, as the AP exams grow closer, is imperative if you want a perfect score.Critical reading is essential for any AP English Literature review.It’s important to never skim through passages while studying.

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