Ap Biology Essay Questions Standards 11+ Creative Writing Questions

Biology exam tests topics and skills discussed in your high school Advanced Placement Biology course.If you score high enough, your AP Biology score could earn you college credit!Unlike the multiple-choice section, which is scored by a computer, the free-response section is graded by high school and college teachers.

CD-ROM: Interactive Study Partner, By Campbell, Reece, & Mitchell, Benjamin/Cummings Publishing, 2005. Laboratory Manual: Advanced Placement Biology Laboratory Manual for Students, College Entrance Examination Board, 2006.

The course differs significantly from a first year high school Biology course with respect to the kind of textbook used, the range and depth of topics covered, the kind of laboratory work done by students, and the time and effort required by the students.

The primary emphasis of the course is on developing an understanding of concepts; a grasp of science as a process rather than as an accumulation of facts; personal experience in scientific inquiry; recognition of unifying themes that integrate the major topics of biology; and the application of biological knowledge and critical thinking to environmental and social concerns.

The College Board is very detailed in what they require your AP teacher to cover in his or her AP Biology course.

These are the official Big Four Ideas: books for a comprehensive content review. Colleges are generally looking for a 4 or 5 on the AP Biology exam, but some may grant credit for a 3. Each test is curved so scores vary from year to year.

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