Antithesis Of Democracy

But there is no need to occupy the lecture theatre to do that.

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Their actions were successful as the company will meet trade union representatives.The occupation of the Gordon Aikman lecture theatre (formerly George Square lecture theatre) has entered another week, as a group of students continues to use the venue to protest in solidarity with lecturers who have only just resolved the pensions dispute.Our lecturers have every right to demand a proper pension package and the vast majority of students recognise that.Whilst Crossman conceded that there were advantages to Britain’s political system, namely that ‘in each general election the electorate is presented with a clear choice between one Government and another Government and one policy and another policy’, There does not, unfortunately, seem to be any explanation for this inconsistency.It is important to point out here that, according to Crossman, Britain was not the only country that had diverged away from democracy and moved towards dictatorship.The whole point of university, after all, is to challenge and debate ideas in a way that enables both sides to participate equally.The occupation emphasises one side at the expense of all others.Why occupy the lecture theatre and criticise the university if you are going to continue complying with the learning practices against which you stand? Whilst the occupation does invite everyone to come in and explore its aims (which is commendable), it is no wonder that the majority of students have not stepped into the lecture theatre since the occupation began: the whole event is clearly biased towards the far-left.Many, therefore, do not feel comfortable enough to enter the venue, myself included.The antithesis, which, in part, fuelled the votes for Brexit and Trump, as well as the rise of populist parties and populist authoritarian leaders in Europe and beyond, is the argument that this technocratic combination merely empowers a minority and disempowers the majority of citizens.A more progressive synthesis - which I will outline - then has to address the flaws of the thesis and the grievances of the antithesis, in fields ranging from education and health to democracy and migration, dealing head on with questions of power and its distribution: questions about who has power, and who feels powerful.” Read more here.

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