Anthony Friedkin The Surfing Essay

“On The Edge Of Society” featured old black and white photographs of classic beach culture – skateboarding, surfing, chilling and partying.Walking through the space, the loud, confident attitude of Venice shone through Miller, Ganzer and Friedkin’s photographer Anthony Friedkin, documents in a vivid and personal way the Surfing culture of Southern California.Started in the middle 1960’s, the essay explores how surfer’s lived when they got out of the ocean and crossed the Pacific Coast Highway.His photos feel like your are there in their Ocean cult." "There's something beautifully imprecise about these black & white images, almost organic, the way they look.

Through all the years, the Beach House has remained a quiet constant in a Venice that attracted beatniks, then hippies, and then tourists from all over the world.gangster OG” while Friedkin referred to Jim Ganzer’s wall as “a history of Venice from the early days with Laddie John Dill, as well as classic photos of Topanga when it was private.” As Wynn Miller explained, “It felt great to share this work with the community I love, the artists, skaters and surfers in Venice.It was a great experience working with Matt and being in the company of Friedkin and Ganzer, two artists I admire.Shown in a small gallery space, the show was intimate and warm, inviting people to dive into the chill beachy vibes the location and visual content inspires.Outside of the room the photographs inhabited, families, artists, skaters, surfers, and people from all walks buzzed around the venue – sitting, sipping and enjoying the company of Venice. – Words by Maile Cowell – Photos and video from the opening night celebration by Dan Levy We followed Tony Alva around the magical scene on opening night for a glimpse of how a professional skateboarder from Santa Monica, who has been surfing and skateboarding on the Westside for over six decades, reacted to the exhibit.A hidden oasis, faithfully restored by the Boesch family and maintained for travelers and, for all of Venice, the Venice Beach House remains a throwback to an era gone by, a mysterious gem in a city where discovery and tranquility are hard to come by.To those who have discovered its magic, there is something in it that keeps calling you back, and the Beach House is here to welcome you.Much of the essay was shot in the 1970’s, a particular time in the evolvement of surfing where lifestyles amongst surfers were wild and reckless, especially in Malibu and Venice.Many of the photos were shot during the “Dog Town” era, in Venice beach, then know at the time for it’s stark, decayed community and toughness.In the tradition of Danny Lyon, these edgy, black & white photographs challenge our sense of what’s going on within this certain subculture at a particular time in Southern California history. He started working in the darkroom at age eleven, processing and printing his own images.Since that time, which was in the early 1960's, he has accomplished a significant body of work.

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