Anthony Friedkin The Surfing Essay

TA described it best as “soul food” and as he talked about the location of the show, he said, “It’s in a beautiful house that they converted into the ghetto – ghetto fabulous.” Friedkin explained the fantastic job that Matt Wessen did in curating the show, and detailed his own contributions to the show, including selections from his surfing essays featuring a previously unseen shot of Jay Riddle skateboarding Point Dume on the steep hill.As TA described it, Wynn Miller’s wall is “full glory gold…The ocean changes them to a beatnik-like natural sense of the self.Looking at Friedkin’s book you get the separation of differences, human nomads in a bigger world than themselves, lost in their Blue World on the surface of the waves.A hub of social life, the Venice Beach House has always welcomed the biggest celebrities of the time, from Charlie Chaplin on “retreat,” to the very end of the run from Athens to LA of the Olympic Torch Relay.Through all the years, the Beach House has remained a quiet constant in a Venice that attracted beatniks, then hippies, and then tourists from all over the world.

As Venice has become infiltrated with gentrification, it is more important than ever to recognize and celebrate the colorful past and true nature of Venice.gangster OG” while Friedkin referred to Jim Ganzer’s wall as “a history of Venice from the early days with Laddie John Dill, as well as classic photos of Topanga when it was private.” As Wynn Miller explained, “It felt great to share this work with the community I love, the artists, skaters and surfers in Venice.It was a great experience working with Matt and being in the company of Friedkin and Ganzer, two artists I admire.His photographs are included in major Museum collections: New York's Friedkin's full frame black & white photographs explore the many mysteries of moments in time.He creates his own distinctive exhibition prints in his darkroom.His photos feel like your are there in their Ocean cult." "There's something beautifully imprecise about these black & white images, almost organic, the way they look.After seeing millions of super-saturated super sharpened surf pictures-these are almost...dreamy." "As I flip though these pages I am taken on a walk down memory lane in the Santa Monica of my youth.The opening was really exciting, and reminded me of how many people still have an interest in this work.” This unique photography installation, curated by Skip Engblom and Matt Wessen, is on display through August 14, 2019 at the Venice Beach House located at 15 30th Avenue in Venice, California.Curator Skip Engblom commented, “Nice to see you like the show it took Matt Wessen and I over a year to put photographer Anthony Friedkin, documents in a vivid and personal way the Surfing culture of Southern California.Started in the middle 1960’s, the essay explores how surfer’s lived when they got out of the ocean and crossed the Pacific Coast Highway.

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