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Answerology users can answer each other's questions and form “Question Groups” that track the questions on a homework topic.Questions and answers tend to be more social than academic but would be useful in essays.Answers are typically sent within five business days. Everything on the site is free, supported by advertising, though some links take you to fee-based sites.Hosted by the University of Amherst, this site allows users to ask philosophical questions and receive responses from philosophers. The website warns submissions won't be posted if they're unintelligible, vague, clearly scientific, concern a personal problem, or have other issues.

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Also, you can always contact your professor for help.These assignments are designed to help you better understand the material.You will need that knowledge in your career or in future classes.Ignoring it now will only make life harder in the future.You can use homework help sites when you get stuck on a question, but don’t expect them to do your homework entirely.Responses focus on language and language analysis regarding issues with substantial linguistic content or content of wide interest within the discipline.Email questions about earth sciences to this site, and United States Geological Survey scientists will respond if your homework question is among the 88 percent answered. USGS scientists have responded since 1994 but won't answer test questions, write reports, answer questions with direct financial impacts, recommend products or companies, or identify rocks from photos.Explain what you’re having a hard time with, and see if anyone in the class responds.You won’t get in trouble for this because you’re trying to learn, not cheat.Before we talk about the actual homework answers websites, we need to make something very clear.You should not use homework websites to do your homework for you.

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