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However, it really does need to be good, relevant and non-intrusive. There's never going to be a technology designed to block out the ads people want to see.So, no, despite Forrester's claim, people don't hate advertising. It's just that technology is finally letting people be more proactive in avoiding that kind of advertising, which is a good thing.It just requires the marketers and the advertisers to stop thinking of advertising as a second class (or third class) type of content that needs to be forced on people.Instead, it's about recognizing that ads are content, and if it's good content, people will be willing to watch it (or even seek it out).Advertisements today are telling young adults that they need to be skinny to be beautiful or attractive.

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Some girls will go to extreme lengths to look like a model in a magazine.

Advertisements, whether they are In magazines or on television, promote products that young adults would like to buy, but most of these products are ridiculously over priced.

The product “Lola Total Effects” cream product can be up thirty dollars and over.

These advertisements can also exploit the need for young people to look a certain way and to feel attractive.

In turn, can cause them to misuse their money in the products that advertisement are telling them to buy.

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