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This article provides examples as well as expert opinion that I can use in my project.This will provide me with evidence to support my claims about the current disciplines in ESL studies.Some of your courses at Ashford University will require you to write an Annotated Bibliography.An Annotated Bibliography is a working list of references—books, journal articles, online documents, websites, etc.—that you will use for an essay, research paper, or project.However, Battle relies too heavily on his own work; he is the sole or primary author of almost half the sources in his bibliography.He could make this work stronger by drawing from the perspectives of others' analyses.However, each reference citation is followed by a short summative and/or evaluative paragraph, which is called an annotation.The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited, and to state how this source will be used in or relevant to the paper or project.

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It would be interesting to hear if the findings of this study would hold true in a more "natural" or authentic online peer-support community.Many annotations evaluate the quality of scholarship in a book or article. He pays particular attention to the National Child Benefit (NCB), arguing that it did not deserve the criticism it received from politicians and journalists.You might want to consider the logic of authors' arguments, and the quality of their evidence. He outlines the NCB’s development, costs, and benefits, including its dollar contribution to a typical recipient’s income.Ultimately, she agrees with Swales (1996) that most genres that could help ESL learners are “hidden…or poorly taught” (p.167) and the field of genre is only beginning to grasp the multitude of complexities within this potentially valuable approach to the instruction of language—and in turn, writing. This article describes a research project exploring the appropriateness of online forums for cancer patients and various caregivers to communicate and build a network base.It has particular use, as it discusses the role of online forums from the perspective of patients.165), its tendency to “help learners fit into, rather than contest, existing…structures” (p. In response to these common apprehensions about ESP, Belcher cites the New Rhetoric Movement and the Sydney School as two institutions that have influenced progressive changes and given more depth to “genre” (p. She concludes these two schools of thought address the issue of ESP pandering to “monologic” communities.Corpus linguistics is also a discipline that is expanding the knowledge base of ESP practitioners in order to improve instruction in content-specific areas.However, Battle does offer a valuable source for this essay, because the chapter provides a concise overview of government-funded assistance currently available to parents.This offers context for analyzing the scope and financial reality of child poverty in Canada.

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