Anne Sexton'S Cinderella Thesis Statement Case Studies In Business Environment

When the reader starts off the story, they can’t help but wonder what maze they are being driven through when they find that there are modern descriptions to a dated tale.

When Sexton uses the ending, “That story.” she is demonstrating sarcasm and relating reality to a story that hints to a non-reality.

The notion of rags to riches is a dominant theme in American Literature.

However, fairy tales demonstrate a different theme.

When the prince is looking for who the slipper fits, both of Cinderella's step sister ...

"Cinderella" Analysis Through literary devices such as simile, repetition and symbolism, Anne Sexton delivers the message that there is no way to live "happily ever after." Using four short stories as a lead in, Sexton makes powerful arguments about society by creating the symbol of the dove and alluding to the story of Cinderella.

My favorite line is when she mentions the cutting of the feet of the evil stepsisters, “They don’t just heal up like a wish (Sexton Line 5).” I find this line to hold a double connotation in the sense; life doesn’t just heal up or turn out always like we wish.Many times sarcasm can be funny but other times it can cause harm.But in Anne Sexton’s poem, she uses sarcasm to throw her audience back to actuality, even a midst a fairytale element.Sexton initially presents examples of success stories in which people, with lives of hardship, receive everlasting happiness due to superficial commodities.Sexton creates emphasis for the multiple stories using sentence fragments such as "from toilets to riches," (4) and repetition of "that story" to create colloquial tone.Cinderella is just another example of a happily ever after story that people read about but don't believe in reality.Each of the introductory stanzas end with "That Story." I think that this places further emphasis on the fact that those examples seem make believe and do not actually happen to ordinary people.Sexton creates understanding for Cinderella using similes. As many of us know, our world today is not short of sarcasm.The idea of a character going from rags to riches show characters rising from the low class to high class in society due to hard work and determination.In fairy tales, characters indeed go from rags to riches, but it is due to a magical or chance occurrence-- it is the notion of happily ever after.

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