Animal Rights And Experimentation Argumentative Essay

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Animal testing is one of those topics that can polarize opinions.It’s this extreme difference in opinion that can make this topic a good choice for a persuasive essay.It’s easy to say you’re either for or against animal testing, but you can’t write an effective persuasive essay about the topic without evidence to support your opinion.(If you’re writing an argument of your own, check out How to Write a Winning Argument Essay.)Published on the U. Department of Agriculture website, this page links to the full text of the Animal Welfare Act (which requires specific standards of treatment for animals used for commercial purposes or in research).This is a government website, and thus, the information is reliable.Read How to Write a Pros and Cons Essay Like a Pro for helpful advice.As the title indicates, this article focuses on the negative aspects of animal testing, such as the cost, the lack of protection for animals, and the fact that some tests are, in the end, simply pointless.In fact, Google isn’t even the best way to complete your research (really! Google is a great start, but there are other places to find credible resources. Read the 5 Best Sources to Help with Writing a Research Paper to find out!Looking for even more help writing a persuasive essay?The organization “…aims to change the tide of the controversial animal rights debate in the United States by encouraging students and scientists to speak out in favor of the lifesaving medical research developed with animals.”The author of this article, a neurologist and public health specialist, reveals that government torture of humans was directly inspired by similar animal testing. If you’re completing your own research on the subject, take a look at How to Write Perfect Survey Questions for Your Paper. “Shocking” animal rights exposés by newspapers were nothing of the kind. Retrieved from https:// The animal rights organization PETA claims that the use of animals in federally funded labs has increased 75% in the past 15 years.She also advocates for the government to stop its continued systematic experimentation on animals. New law gives cats and dogs in research labs a second chance at life. This article argues that, while it’s clear that some animal abuse occurs during experimentation, some newspapers sensationalize the reports. The article also includes the opinion of the National Institute of Health, who argues that PETA has used the data inappropriately and, thus, dismisses the study.

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