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Panter PDF Evaluating the Presence of a Victim Cache on an Arm Processor, Lakshmi Vidya Peri PDF A Systematic Approach to Verify an Embedded Capacitive Touchscreen System, Jeffrey Lee Richardson PDF Dynamic Transmission Scheduling for Contention Mitigation in Wireless Sensor Networks, Suryanarayana Mahesh Tatapudi PDF An Exploratory System for Collaborative Decision-Making in Community Planning, Aaron Dale Wells PDF Visualizing and Managing Genetic Information in Animal Pedigrees, Allen Brady Cannon PDF Dynamic Diffusion for Congestion Avoidance in Wireless Sensor Networks, Sri Divya Deenadayalan PDF Hadoop and Hive as Scalable Alternatives to RDBMS: A Case Study, Marissa Rae Hollingsworth PDF Reliable Bulk Data Dissemination Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks, Sri Haritha Kuchipudi PDF Android Application for Cluster Job Management, Christopher Schance PDF On the K-Mer Frequency Spectra of Organism Genome and Proteome Sequences with a Preliminary Machine Learning Assessment of Prime Predictability, Nathan O.Schmidt PDF Congestion Avoidance Energy Efficient MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks, Alexander Sundling PDF Object Oriented Implementation of the Parallel Toolkit Library, Sandhya Vinnakota PDF Congestion Mitigation by Traffic Dispersion in Wireless Sensor Networks, Sreekanth Yalamanchili PDF Improving Data Freshness to Enhance the Quality of Observations in Wireless Sensor Networks, Ramya Bala Ammu PDF Designing Reliable High-Performance Storage Systems for HPC Environments, Lucas Scott Hindman PDF Methods for Multilevel Parallelism on GPU Clusters: Application to a Multigrid Accelerated Navier-Stokes Solver, Dana A.PDF Edge-Assisted Workload-Aware Image Processing System, Anil Acharya PDF Querying Over Encrypted Databases in a Cloud Environment, Jake Douglas PDF A Hybrid Model to Detect Fake News, Indhumathi Gurunathan PDF UNICORN Framework: A User-Centric Approach Toward Formal Verification of Privacy Norms, Rezvan Joshaghani PDF Application-Specific Memory Subsystem Benchmarking, Mahesh Lakshminarasimhan PDF Investigating the Effects of Social and Temporal Dynamics in Fitness Games on Children's Physical Activity, Ankita Samariya PDF Investigating Semantic Properties of Images Generated from Natural Language Using Neural Networks, Samuel Ward Schrader PDF Incremental Processing for Improving Conversational Grounding in a Chatbot, Aprajita Shukla PDF Leveraging Tiled Display for Big Data Visualization Using D3.js, Ujjwal Acharya PDF Fostering the Retrieval of Suitable Web Resources in Response to Children's Educational Search Tasks, Oghenemaro Deborah Anuyah PDF Privacy-Preserving Genomic Data Publishing via Differential Privacy, Tanya Khatri PDF Injecting Control Commands Through Sensory Channel: Attack and Defense, Farhad Rasapour PDF Strong Mutation-Based Test Generation of XACML Policies, Roshan Shrestha PDF Performance, Scalability, and Robustness in Distributed File Tree Copy, Christopher Robert Sutton PDF Using DNA For Data Storage: Encoding and Decoding Algorithm Development, Kelsey Suyehira PDF Detecting Saliency by Combining Speech and Object Detection in Indoor Environments, Kiran Thapa PDF Identifying Restaurants Proposing Novel Kinds of Cuisines: Using Yelp Reviews, Haritha Akella PDF Editing Behavior Analysis and Prediction of Active/Inactive Users in Wikipedia, Harish Arelli PDF Cloud Skulk: Design of a Nested Virtual Machine Based Rootkit-in-the-Middle Attack, Joseph Anthony Connelly PDF Predicting Friendship Strength in Facebook, Nitish Dhakal PDF Privacy-Preserving Trajectory Data Publishing via Differential Privacy, Ishita Dwivedi PDF Cultivating Community Interactions in Citizen Science: Connecting People to Each Other and the Environment, Bret Allen Finley PDF Uncovering New Links Through Interaction Duration, Laxmi Amulya Gundala PDF Variance: Secure Two-Party Protocol for Solving Yao's Millionaires' Problem in Bitcoin, Joshua Holmes PDF A Scalable Graph-Coarsening Based Index for Dynamic Graph Databases, Akshay Kansal PDF Integrity Coded Databases: Ensuring Correctness and Freshness of Outsourced Databases, Ujwal Karki PDF Editable View Optimized Tone Mapping For Viewing High Dynamic Range Panoramas On Head Mounted Display, Yuan Li PDF The Effects of Pair-Programming in a High School Introductory Computer Science Class, Ken Manship PDF Towards Automatic Repair of XACML Policies, Shuai Peng PDF Identification of Unknown Landscape Types Using CNN Transfer Learning, Ashish Sharma PDF Hand Gesture Recognition for Sign Language Transcription, Iker Vazquez Lopez Learning to Code Music: Development of a Supplemental Unit for High School Computer Science, Kelsey Wright PDF Identification of Small Endogenous Viral Elements within Host Genomes, Edward C. PDF When the System Becomes Your Personal Docent: Curated Book Recommendations, Nevena Dragovic PDF Security Testing with Misuse Case Modeling, Samer Yousef Khamaiseh PDF Estimating Length Statistics of Aggregate Fried Potato Product via Electromagnetic Radiation Attenuation, Jesse Lovitt PDF Towards Multipurpose Readability Assessment, Ion Madrazo PDF Evaluation of Topic Models for Content-Based Popularity Prediction on Social Microblogs, Axel Magnuson PDF CEST: City Event Summarization using Twitter, Deepa Mallela PDF Developing an ABAC-Based Grant Proposal Workflow Management System, Milson Munakami PDF Phoenix and Hive as Alternatives to RDBMS, Diana Ornelas PDF Massively Parallel Algorithm for Solving the Eikonal Equation on Multiple Accelerator Platforms, Anup Shrestha PDF A Certificateless One-Way Group Key Agreement Protocol for Point-to-Point Email Encryption, Srisarguru Sridhar PDF Dynamic Machine Level Resource Allocation to Improve Tasking Performance Across Multiple Processes, Richard Walter Thatcher PDF Developing an Application for Evolutionary Search for Computational Models of Cellular Development, Nicolas Scott Cornia PDF Accelerated Radar Signal Processing in Large Geophysical Datasets, Ravi Preesha Geetha PDF Integrity Coded Databases (ICDB) – Protecting Integrity for Outsourced Databases, Archana Nanjundarao PDF Automatic Detection and Denoising of Signals in Large Geophysical Datasets, Gabriel O.Trisca PDF Evolutionary Search for Models of Planarian Regeneration Using Experimental Data, Marianna Viktorovna Budnikova PDF Evaluation of String Constraint Solvers Using Dynamic Symbolic Execution, Scott Kausler PDF An End-to-End Identity-Based Email Encryption Scheme, Fiona Yan Lee PDF CAEPIDR: A Computational Approach to Efficient Peptide Influenced Drug Repurposing, Thomas Francis Long PDF Interactive Focus Context Glyph and Streamline Vector Visualization, Joshua Joseph Anghel PDF Novel Algorithms and Software for Biological Sequence Analysis, William Casey Bullock PDF A Framework for Management of Distributed Data Processing and Event Selection for the Icecube Neutrino Observatory, Juan Carlos Díaz Vélez PDF Visualization of Off-Screen Data on Tablets Using Context-Providing Bar Graphs and Scatter Plots, Peter Scott Games PDF Parallel Copying Tools for Distributed File Systems, Kevin Matthew Nuss PDF Document Classification, Shane K.

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Thibault Link PTK: A Parallel Toolkit Library, Kirsten Ann Allison Link A Dynamic Loop Detection, Profiling and Optimization Tool, Ravi Ayyagari Link Automated Installation of Linux High-Performance Computing Clusters, Paul Kreiner Link Improving Garbage Collector Performance and Adding Debug Features to Tinyscheme, Gordon Mc Nutt PDF Beosh: The Beowulf Cluster Shell, Mason E.

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