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The second is context and this is about the medium through which the animation is displayed.The basic element of the ‘story’ is an important topic to write about in animation essays.Music is also a very important factor to consider because it is a psychological subtlety that the audience is not immediately made aware of but will influence their response to the animation greatly.The way that music changes the images you are seeing is an important aspect of animation and can be looked at in great depth.

If your thesis breaks down completely, don’t be afraid to say so, but remember to also state why it dismantled and how.I will now give you some ideas about topics to write about however it is important not to try to use of them.Select the one that excites and influences you the most and stick to it.It does not need to be done to begin with (it is normally best to revise it after the essay is finished) but it is important that you should have in your mind the general premise of the essay before you begin.The second section will introduce your thesis or the general ideas that your animation is trying to portray.The last section of your essay will be the conclusion.This should be a synthesis of the ideas that you have presented in the preceding thesis and those you have ‘discovered’ in the critical analysis of the antithesis.If this is the case, then all you will really need is a way of expressing your thoughts and a way of structuring the ideas you would like to present.In order to do this, there are a few general tips that are useful to consider when writing an animation essay.You may like to focus at one of the seven basic plotlines (overcoming the monster, rags to riches, the quest, voyage and return, comedy, tragedy or rebirth) and see how a number of different animations use this plot devise to guide their story.An essay title of this sort would be something like; “An investigation into the use of tragedy in 1950’s French animation” or “Comedic devices in modern American animation and their critique of society” etc.

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