Analytical Essay On Pleasantville

This means that David has implanted the idea that there is somewhere else, another place that functions differently.

This displays the importance of viewing things multidimensionally as described in the 2015 graphic novel by Nick Sousanis, .

The scene ends with another teen handing David another book to tell them about.

They conform to the mayor’s idea of how people should act “pleasant.” The camera pans to the book just as the blank page begins to fill with text.The teenagers are able to use this different perspective to unflatten their conventional thinking (Sousanis).Then the group asks “What’s outside of Pleasantville?In Cohen’s sixth thesis “Fear of the Monster is Really a Kind of Desire,” he asserts that the monster is viewed as an alter ego (Cohen 79).People are secretly jealous of the monster’s ability to act against standard social customs.As he becomes more invested with the townspeople, specifically the teenagers, he gradually shifts into the monster seen by the black & white townspeople.Jeffrey Jerome Cohen’s essay, “Monster Culture (Seven Theses)” examines how monsters reflect cultural fears.Cohen’s idea is reflected in by the traditionalists’ fears of David’s ability to change their old-fashioned values.Even though the traditional townspeople hold this fear of change, they secretly envy the colored part of society for their vivid experiences of emotion and knowledge.It’s not important.” He does this out of his own fear of corrupting their “pleasant” society. Roads and rivers and…” David is cut off by a peer’s question, “like the mighty Mississippi?After being pressed further, David explains that “there are some places where the road doesn’t go in a circle. ” The boy’s interruption with a connection he formed between the unending river David spoke of and the book he was reading displays critical thinking skills.

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