Analysis Of Competitors In Business Plan

By analyzing your competition and then monitoring them on an ongoing basis, you’ll get to know their behavior, enabling you to anticipate their actions and stay one step ahead. You want to make sure shoppers have a reason to pick you over everyone else.While growing up my father, who also was a small business owner, had a wall plaque in his office that essentially echoed the sentiments of the importance of embracing, appreciating and understanding your competition.

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As you find competitors, you’ll want to categorize them into various levels, from direct competitors to businesses that don’t currently compete with you, but could easy pivot.The most common format for a features analysis is a simple matrix with you and your competitors along one side and all of the relevant features along the other.You can check off or rate how you perform in each area: But these tables can get pretty long.There are many ways to identify key competitors in your industry, but Google and Amazon will likely be where you do most of your legwork.Start with a simple search for your business name, product ideas and overarching business idea.The most popular way of doing this is to identify the two dimensions that are most important for being competitive in your industry and plot them on a matrix, like this one from the Boston Consulting Group: How you design your competitive analysis report can have a significant impact on your business success.The right report design can inspire stakeholders to take action based on your findings, while a mediocre design may reflect poorly on your hard work.Once you’ve identified your competitors, you’ll want to analyze their websites.To start, take a close look at the following items: Again, these are just to get you started.That’s the only way to get an accurate picture of how your target customers rate the competition.In your report, you could arrange your SWOT analysis in a simple list, but it can be helpful to use color-coded quadrants, like the competitor analysis example below.

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