An Essay On The Protective Discrimination

One solution to this problem of creating an equalitarian and egalitarian society found in the twentieth century was to provide protective discrimination’s that is giving unequal treatment to equals either by graphic favors or imposing a burden.However, the policy of giving favored treatment through ‘protective discrimination’s’ to certain members of the deprived groups because such groups have suffered systematic discrimination in the past has generated a fierce philosophical debate in the contemporary political theory.This can be achieved only through collective action.

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So the big question is how to bring about such an equality?

There are several other articles which aim to remove disparity between different sections of the society.

The constitution attempts to create balance between right to equality and protective discrimination.

Since everybody in the society does not start his life from the same line and a number of groups, classes, castes, tribals have been discriminated socially, economically, political, culturally, mere equality of opportunity would lead to accentuate further inequalities.

Hence, equality of opportunity needs to be extended to equality of conditions.

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